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Thursday, December 13, 2007


I don't intend to promise you or myself a daily entry in this blog. In fact, if I spend the time I should (and hope to spend) in the studio, there probably won't be much more than a weekly post. This being said, I feel relieved already knowing that there is no imposition of any rigidness, as this may become the sum total of any tangible showing of a life's work in the studio and it should be exemplary of a feeling of freedom and sunshine. As, we know, sunshine is required to make the rainbow!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Double Rainbow

God's promise represented by the Rainbow is what has inspired my way of signing off on e-mails: "with love and promise to fill each day." Complete Double Rainbows are rare. The last one I remember seeing was nearly 15 years ago upon returning from a trip to Mexico. We had just arrived back in the United States and were driving home -- it was a grand and awesome sight and we considered it our welcome to a safe return home. The most recent Rainbow I saw was only partial but just as rewarding and promising. It was on the day of my retirement party -- we had planned activities for the patio. It had rained all day accompanied by a cold wind. As I was on the way to the party, the Rainbow was there for me to see and the weather cleared for a beautiful party.

Here is the Double Rainbow I am reporting today: This is the first week of real freedom from punching the time clock - I am officially retired from the workforce. That's Rainbow One. This, then, is the first week of my new life as a full-time grandmother and full-time crafter. That's Rainbow Two. One of my first goals on the new "to do" list is to create a blog. This entry is a placeholder to begin what I hope will be a wonderful journey over the Rainbow.

In recent times, I've become known as "theneon" which is an evolution from many years of impersonation as my alter ego, "The Neon Rainbow." TNR was, and is, a one-person show guided and critiqued by my family, with special guidance from my artist son, Dain, and supported by many friends. TNR has touched many lives while encompassing nearly every aspect of the craft world.

To make a Rainbow, one must have the sunshine. I have endeavored to be that sunshine for everyone who wishes to see it. Ahh, and as there cannot be a Rainbow without the sun, there cannot be a Rainbow without the rain. Raining Rubber stands for my love and passion for rubber stamping. So then, my rubber is the rain; and my smile is the sun.