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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Wrapping Bagged!!

A favorite internet haunt for me is Urban Threads.  When Urban Threads presented a Christmas Countdown this year, design number one --"Painted Reindeer" -- became my inspiration to continue throughout the countdown series to create very individual and unique gift bags for our family.  (All but one of the designs are from Urban Threads.)  The best part of this project aside from the great designs was I had everything I needed to complete these in my sewing room.

Despite comments from the family that the bag itself was a gift without any contents, I had filled them to the brim with all of those things I would have had to wrap.  Ahh, but to the disappointment of the family, I requested that the bags remain with me for refilling next year.  

This project comprised many hours of machine embroidery and the bag construction conducted assembly line fashion was completed on my lovely little Bernice (Bernina) who traveled with me on vacation.  

The bag design with some slight variation was patterned after this Sew4home projectThanks to Sew4Home and Urban Threads my Christmas wrapping for next year will be a "in the bag."  

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Fire Extinguisher Project

Being in the Fire Equipment Business has been very rewarding knowing that we are helpiing the community to be prepared in the event of fires.  While doing all of this, there comes a time when some fire extinguishers are required to be retired from "active" service.  In that regard, we have found a new place in the home for those veteran fire extinguishers as seen here in these samples of their new life.  It might be called a labor of love as they are rather labor intensive but the results are fabulous -- don't you think?

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