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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mug Rugs

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I love this new (at least new to me) concept of "mug rugs."  Better than a coaster ever thought of being because it can hold a little delicacy to go along with your cuppa. My first batch is nearly all gone with the gifting season just past so I was delighted to see another opportunity to make more.  Thanks to facebook and my facebook and real-time friend, Judy, I am "called" to participate in a mug rug swap.  I'm signed up and am anxious to make a trade and make a new friend.  It's not too late for you to put your name on the list. Hope I get to trade with you!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cowboy Bear

My daughters are grown but I think there is always a little child within (at least I still love teddy bears) and so I made special memory teddy bears for Christmas this year. These were made from the girls' Dad's Wranglers and each features pockets as the main part of the body.  Each front and back piece of the teddy bear --face, ears, legs, arms, and body were machine embroidered with special meaning.  

"Cowboy Bear", dated and labeled for Rikke, (daughter number 2) our horsewoman, sports retro western designs as well as the names of all the horses she has owned. Cowboy Bear has silver buttons for spurs and the silver neck slide is from one of her Dad's western belts. Button eyes are from Granny's button box. The final act in completion, was to sew on a button heart which I gave a kiss to breathe life into Cowboy Bear.  If you look closely, you can see one of Rikke's horses looking over the fence -- that's Geronimo!  Below are several other views of Cowboy Bear.  

Cowboy Back

Cowboy Arm
As you can see, Cowboy Bear, is right at home in the pasture, alongside Rikke's favorite ride, Sunnyside Olena.

To see all of Cowboy Bear's designs click here