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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

M&M's Card Bounty

I love my cousin Marilynn -- she was born just three months after I was and I enjoy repeating the story my mother used to tell that she and her sister, Stella (Marilynn's Mom), had both chosen the name of Martha as their mother's namesake if they were to have a baby girl. Well I came first so I got the name Martha and over the years I have always teased Marilynn that I have her name -- but in fact, she has mine (as a middle name). We have been very close and I now refer to her as my AZ SiS as she now lives in Arizona along with me. A year or so ago, she came to my house for a visit and I showed her my papercrafting studio -- the rest is history -- she is totally addicted! I recently traveled to her city to spend several days so we could play -- and we made 47 cards and still had a lot of time to visit, shop, and share ideas.

Here is one of my favorites from her designs. We made lots of these flowers using nestabilities.

Our favorite tools over this crafting period were cuttlebug folders and nestabilities.
Our favorite lunch: Wendy's frosty
my hand

Friday, August 13, 2010

You are the Queen!

I've been been quite remiss in posting -- would you believe I've been busy in the laundry room - doing laundry? (I didn't think so) but anyway, here I present a quick and simple "regal card" from a worn out deck of cards. The Queen's glamour never diminishes. She is definitely the Queen! Cuttlebug background, Michael's $ stamp, craft corner punch flourish. Card Trick 14 -- goal is 52! Then my dh won't have a deck to beat me at cards with! See other card tricks under titles:King for a Day,Drama Queen, Gogh have great Birthday, A Perfect Pair, Lucky Draw, Queen of Diamonds, Queen for a Day, High Handed, Make it a Royal, Friends, Mr. Personality, Casino Royale.