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Monday, June 22, 2009

Drama Queen

I can sometimes become a drama queen when my dh has beaten me at Gin Rummy too many times in a row. But I've solved that problem by putting the cards to better use as you see here. This card could have an inside saying such as "don't be such a drama queen -- it is only another birthday!" Or, if the person you are making the card for is truly a "Drama Queen" (Stampabilities) -- nothing more needs to be said. This easy and quick card uses a pair of playing cards face down with a third one used in the center panel - all mounted on a glossy black 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 card. I love this "off with her head" Alice in Wonderland queen image from All Night Media. She was truly the queen of drama! A deck of cards can provide a lot more entertainment in card making than in card playing -- when your dh always wins! Return here for more ways to use playing cards -- this could become 52 posts!


Sandra1968 said...

Funny card :-)
And I recognize the frustration when dh wins a game again and again ;-)

The Mama Monkey said...

Very clever idea!! I love it!!

Els G. said...

This is gorgeous!