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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chalk it Up!

I am not sure whether I had more fun emptying these bottles, or painting, beading, wire wrapping, and decorating them. It was a grand project in any event.

Some folks have asked how these were made. Here are the three easy steps -- number 1 being the hardest:

1. Empty a bottle, clean thoroughly, and dry completely.

2. Apply many coats (4 or 5) of chalkboard paint on the bottle, allowing at least a day of cure time between coats.  I used regular paint but I am sure spray chalkboard paint would work just as well.

3. Season your new "chalk board" by completely covering it with chalk and then wiping it off.

This is really as far as you need to take it -- but those of you who know me, know that that wasn't quite enough. I created beaded and wrapped wire tops on the cork stoppers, made a lanyard and wire holder for a piece of chalk, and a bitty eraser that hides in the bottom hollow.

Super simple -- anyone can do it!!

So don't "wine" to me if you can't find a place to use your chalk.