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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hats have got my Tongue

I am so missing all my blogging friends and especially disappointed that I have recently been unable to participate in the House Mouse weekly challenge. The best reason I can offer at the moment is that I'm still crocheting hats
(and in the middle of a bathroom remodel). Here you can see one of my latest creations in hatting. As I've mentioned before, my darling granddaughter must have everything in pink. This little beret was a delight to crochet and even more delightful to see my granddaughter sporting it on her head. Cheers to all of you -- please don't give up on me?


Els G. said...

Hello, so nice to hear from you again! Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comment.
The hat is gorgeous, and the model wearing it looks spectacular with it!
Hope to see you again soon and I hope your bathroom will be finished soon. It's always such a mess when you're remodelling at home, isn't it?

The Mama Monkey said...

Nah, we won't give up on you! I love the hats! Your granddaughter is adorable!!

Rica said...
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Rica said...

Had to delete my last post - I had a blonde moment and hit the button before I was ready - derr........
Wondered where you had got to - now we know. Hope your bathroom in soon ready.
Gorgeous hat and stunning model.
hugs Heather xx