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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kick up Your Heels

A favorite thing I endeavor to do in my studio is recycling.  In fact, I have built quite a reputation in that regard.  While I was still working, my co-worker was so much aware of my desire to recycle that she would always ask before discarding something that might have recycling potentional.  

Today a box has become a very stylish cowboy boot in honor of my son-in law's ___th birthday.  The box was somewhat stylish to begin with having contained a Hawaiian styled mug from Hilo Hatties.  

Sissix die, brads, cord for a lariat and the phrase created with a label maker were the basis for this design.  My artist son and his fiancee embellished the envelope (with the assistance of a Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers stamp) and the inside to make our greetings and well wishes known.  The barbed wire is from an unknown unmounted stamp.

Kick up your heels!

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