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Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year

My list just gets bigger and bigger every year!  There are so many talented paper crafters out there that stimulate, inspire, and encourage the rest of us to continue cutting, embossing, stippling, and curling paper that it could be a full time activity just visiting their beautiful blogs and websites.  But, of course, we all have the "need" and desire to make our own stuff so hence, my BIG list.  Paper arts notwithstanding, I still enjoy crochet, and am immersed in sewing as well as many other art-related activities.  Despite the fact that I live in a warm climate, this time of year provokes an attitude or sense of cold weather so I have launched into a crochet project to make afghans for my two grandchildren.  Just to let you know what I am up to and to promise that new cards and card challenges are also on their way to this blog.

Happy New Year and Happy Crafting!

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