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Monday, March 9, 2009

Today I Celebrate You

I seem to be in pet mode lately and my dog, Mr. Lucky, is indeed Lucky. We are becoming nap buddies and I am just about as lazy as he is. Well, that's not exactly true -- I am exhausted with a bathroom remodel which I hope to see finalized this week.

Here's a quick card I made in honor of all my pet loving friends. A very simple fun card with the brown cardstock layer corner punched and torn open in the center to allow Ziggy's dog, Fuzz, his chase for the prize bone. Not a very good scan of the inside -- there is a packet of bones (craft punch) tied with gold cord and the phrase, "Today I Celebrate You!" Both stamps are from Stampendous. As some of my blogging friends would say, "easy-peasy."


Sue said...

Hi, Martha Kay, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You sound about as busy as I am in retirement. I am still working two days a week until tax season ends on April 15th. But, my husband has been home since late December with a bad shoulder injury, and expects to be home another couple months, so I haven't really experienced retirement. I love your dog card, what a great idea, and I did look down through your blog. Love the hats your making and what a cutie you have to model them.
I am ashamed to say I didn't pick up the blog award from Mary as I tried several times and couldn't figure it out. I had another one one other time when I first started blogging in August and couldn't figure out how to get it onto my blog as well. Thanks again, was nice of you to leave a comment.

The Mama Monkey said...

This is a great idea! I love it! Humm...you might see a case of this one soon! I need to get some crafting going here...no BR remodel just sick kids!

Shary said...

Just great a really fun card. Love your hats too.
good luck with your weight loss.x

ant me. said...

I had to comment on this darling card as well as your House Mouse card! I love your design!! it made me laugh out loud! : )

Great card!! : ) Patti

Marilynn said...

I like this one even better. Maybe that's because I am one of those animal lovers and I know how lucky you are to have Lucky. You should post new items more often so I don't have to look up my password to leave you a comment!

Maggie said...

Thank you for stopping by

Margie said...

This is sooo adorable! I love the way you tore the paper - perfect!
Great job :)
{{hugs}}, margie