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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Skylar tests his Wings

Make Skylar flap his wings. This method takes a little more fussing to make – but my grandson sure loves it. Stamp the Skylar image, color as desired. When cutting out the parts, add a little tab at the top center of Skylar's breast to elevate his head when attaching. Assemble Skylar with brads and eyelets. In this design, Skylar's feet and head are put on his body with brads, and his wings are attached with eyelets. In order to make Skylar flap his wings, punch a very tiny hole in each wing just above where the wings will be attached to the body. Set the wings with eyelets – it is important not to set the eyelets too firmly so that the wings easily move back and forth. Attach a thin elastic cord in the small holes to span from wing to wing after the wings are attached to the body. Then attach a second cord to the center of the cord that spans the wings and let it dangle down. Glue two punched circles on either side of the end of the cord to make it easy to pull. Attach Skylar to card, scrapbook page, or other project with a foam mount on his head only to allow the rest of his body to move freely when the cord is gently pulled.

Before assembling Skylar, you could also laminate for a sturdier version.

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