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Monday, May 25, 2009

Just Bee Yourself

Still cleaning my studio, a resurfacing of this card reminded me of when I was just beginning to experiment with speciality cards. This is one of the first shaker cards I designed. The bee (again with a story) was purchased from Stamp Francisco when I was working in that city and the bee was one of my very first stamps. Because I had so few stamps, I stamped this bee over and over, and colored and cut, and layered enough bees to make several hives full. I was so proud of my Bee creations that I sent one of my bee card designs into a magazine for publication. As time passed and I heard nothing, I was not surprised as I realized that I was but a novice in the card making world and why should I be published? A year or two later, I was puzzled when I received a copy of a magazine that I was not subscribed to. But as I began to leaf through the pages, I was struck by a very familiar card. It was mine!

The frame border for the shaker, is an aspen leaf I think from PSX. Inside are loose cut out bees, beads, and sequins that shake about. The handwriting is mine. Just remember, above all things -- "Just Bee Yourself!"


Sandra1968 said...

I can imagine it was a big surprise for you when you saw your gorgeous card in a magazine, after 2 years :-)

Sue said...

Wow this card is fab!! I can beeelieve! ha ha (sorry)! that you used it over and over I did that with my first stamps, now some have to wait ages before they see any ink!! This is such a fab card and certainly deserves to be shown as an inspiration!! Thank you for my lovely award it is so kind of you to think of me, there is so much wonderful talent out there!! Happy Crafting to you, Sue xx

Carolyn Bounds said...

What a fabulous creation!!! I have never made a shaker card...I want to , but they intimidate the heck out of me. I love what you have done with this one...I love anything with bees:o) I also love the sentiment!!

I think it is cool that you got published:o) It just goes to show the rewards of patience. Now, I need to put that into practice;o)


Sue said...

See, this card is just as cute today as when you made it originally. It is so fun to get published! I love shaker cards and yours is wonderful!