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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Box of Cards

My dh and I play so much Gin Rummy that I've got a lot of old cards to play with so I am always looking for ways to reuse or repurpose them. I learned how to construct this box of cards from Origami Boxes by Florence Temko. It is crafted of 21 cards and requires no gluing. Prior to assembly, the cards were further distressed and inked. Box is decorated with foam stickers and ribbon trim; the top is decorated with a paper accordian medallion and a wooden bead. I learned how to make the medallions last summer -- you can see other uses and instructions contained within this post. I also used them in another card trick: Casino Royale - link below.

my hand


Sue said...

Well, lo and behold, as I live and breath...........she's back. Was wondering if the laundry room flooded or something!!! Good to see you creating and with your bag of tricks with your cards too. Great card box!


The Mama Monkey said...

You win for making the most challenges in one project! This is amazing!

sharsimmers said...

cool beans!!!!!!!