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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Love is Patient

Amid challenges, grand kid sitting, Thanksgiving, and everything else that filled my days in November -- it turned out to be the missing month when it comes to attending to my favorite married couple, Jeff and Mary. On Monday, I was clearing my work table and picked up a "Happy Anniversary" stamp -- oh, oh, the light bulb went on as to why it was out of the drawer. I had forgotten to make an anniversary card for Jeff and Mary! Well, as I once stated years ago when one of my kids was late for school, it was better that he arrived late than that he didn't arrive at all. This card is on its way to my beloved Jeff and Mary along with a picture of my red face. Love is patient -- I love them, and they were patient!

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Sarah Shew said...

This is a beautiful card - with great sentiment and for a beautiful couple.