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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Ultimate Challenge

After posting "Fur Babies' Christmas" my friend, Donna, from afar sent me an e-mail:
"Martha, I was all set to leave my first comment on a blog and then I realized that I have to have an account, etc. and I gave up so here's my comment: Okay, Martha what about my house: cats, dogs, horse and parrots - to name a few. Adorable cards. You never cease to amaze me!" Well, you know how I like challenges so here is the card on its way to Donna's family. I also know that she has a desert tortoise that she didn't mention so that is why there is a turtle among the crowd around the Christmas tree. My son's comment? You can guess, "Wow, Mom, that's kind of busy." Any family with a group of animals such as this is surely busy too, don't you think?

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